FSC® Chain of Custody Group Certification

The ForestStewardship Council®’s (FSC) Group Chain of Custody (CoC) certification offers an opportunity for small businesses to come together and seek certificationunder a single Group certificate. This is a cost-effective way to earn theworld’s leading responsible forestry certification by reducing third partyauditing costs. The FSC® CoC certification is a powerful and credible way toshow your customers that your products come from well-managed forests.



The FSC® label provides a market-driven boost to small businesses that supply wood, paper and non-timber forest products. When you earn FSC® CoC certification, you gain the right to use the internationally recognized FSC® name and logoon your products and in company communications along with the distinctive SCS Kingfisher certification mark. This helps your customers identify your products and assures them that your products demonstrate environmental performance across the supply chain.


FSC® Certification by SCS helps your business:  

• Demonstrate your commitment to responsible business practices  

• Gain a competitive edge by differentiating your products  

• Support responsible forestry and conservation  

• Qualify your products for LEED certification (MR credit 7)


For small businesses, achieving certification through a Group can dramatically reduce the cost of initial and annual certification audits while still gaining the full benefits of FSC® CoC certification. Group Administrators can provide expert guidance andengage in coordinated market development efforts.It also becomes easier to arrange seminars for your Groupmembers to learn how to meet certification requirements and market certified products.




Eligibility depends on country. In the US, any small business with annual forest product sales under US $5 million is eligible. In all other countries, eligibility is reserved for companies with total annual revenues for all goods and services under US $1 million, or that have fewer than 15 employees. Each collection of small businesses must appoint a Group Administrator who will oversee the certification activities of the Group. 




Global Services has been providing global leadership in third-party environmental and sustainability certification, auditing, testing and standards development for nearly three decades. We are proud to be a founding member of the FSC, a leading FSC CoC certifying body worldwide SCS is focused on providing excellent customer service around the globe and is able to contract and deploy auditors to the field rapidly. SCS provides certification support services including informational updates about FSC requirements, a superior logo approval system with quick turnaround times and other highly personal assistance.




offers a variety of complementary certifications that may apply to products you carry, including: timber legality, CARB ATCM 93120, indoor air quality, recycled content, sustainable agriculture, and more. Check out our full range of services at www.SCSglobalServices.com.









1. Application. Complete and submit an application form. An SCS staff member will then provide you with the necessary documentation relevant to your particular type of operation(s) and prepare a detailed proposal.


2. Procedures and Desk Audit. Your Group Administrator and each participating company creates procedures that demonstrate how you track FSC products throughout operation process(es). SCS provides materials to help you better understand the FSC requirements of both the Group policy FSC-POL-40-002 and the applicable Chain of Custody standards.


3. On-Site Audits. At the site visits, which are usually a sample of the total number of Group Members, an auditor will review your FSC procedures and documentation and will tour facilities where your FSC material is handled.


4. Report and Certification Decision. After the site visits, the auditor prepares a detailed report. The SCS certification committee reviews the auditor’s report and makes a certification decision.


5. Certification Maintenance. Once certified, yourcompany will be listed in the FSC Certificate databasehttp://info.fsc.org. You’ll also receive information aboutthe use of FSC and SCS trademarks and gain accessto our online logo-use approval system.




















Alle Dienstleistungen werden in Zusammenarbeit und im Auftrag von SCS Global Services durch die Teusan Forst Consult, Inh. Stefan Teusan, durchgeführt. (FSC® A000521).