Freelance Social Compliance and Quality System Auditor 

  SA8000 located in Europe.



•  Qualified by     a SAAS accredited certification body


•  Qualified ISO 9001 or equivalent lead auditor by a SAAS accredited certification   body or by a recognized auditor certification body trained at SAAS approved courses

  Experienced, demonstrated by having:


1) satisfactorily served as a lead auditor on at least three accredited ISO 9001 or 14001 certification audits or equivalent,


2) participated in at least three SA8000 certification or surveillance audits (or

equivalent) as a team member












Please send  e-mail or your application in German or English with a curriculum vitae to:  


SCS Europe 

Pfinztalstr 90 

Office 206

76227 Karlsruhe

Deutschland/ Germany

Alle Dienstleistungen werden in Zusammenarbeit und im Auftrag von SCS Global Services durchgeführt. (FSC® A000521).